Boost potential by optimizing your natural reservoir – YOUR ENERGY

Your energy is your most valuable commodity.


Because you need your energy for pretty much everything!

For example — walking, talking, sitting, eating, breathing, thinking, planning, communicating …….on and on goes the list.

You get the point.

To boost your potential you need your natural energy reservoir full.

A continuous flow of Life force energy will keep the reservoir full. Blocks and disturbances in your energy system can start to clog that natural flow and deplete your natural reservoir.

An electromagnetic field of energy surrounds your body. This is also known as – Human Aura.

You may have seen ancient pictures and paintings of different spiritual leaders with a halo that surrounds their head, that’s their Auric Energy Field. In scientific research this field extends all around the body for about 4-5 feet and appears to be depleted in case of an unhealthy person.

What are energy zappers?

Blocks and disturbances in your energy system are – Energy Zappers.

Energy zappers are behaviours and emotions that limit your creativity and productivity such as procrastination, old thought patterns, self-doubt, fear, resistance, overwhelm and anxiety to name a few.

All these limiting habits learned over the years from past experiences block the flow of energy.

This disruption keeps you stuck in lower level of frequency, which hinders your full capacity and creativity.

Here is an analogy to help you understand it better. Imagine the flow of water in a canal.

Water flows gently and effortlessly.

Now, imagine a big rock or pile of pebble in that canal. The water can no longer flow naturally; there is a disruption in that natural flow. Water has to flow around that big rock or pile of pebbles.

The energy zappers work like the big rock & pebbles, blocking the flow of your natural creativity.

How can you optimize your most powerful resource
– YOUR ENERGY to boost your potential?

There are many layers of your energy system, for example, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Astral.

The flow of energy starts from the highest levels to the lowest levels.

For example, energy travels in this order;

Astral >> Mental >> Emotional >> Etheric >> Physical

For a problem to manifest into a physical plane, it first existed in other layers of your energy field. When a block or disturbance is healed at the energy level, it doesn’t manifest into the physical level.

Problems in the physical world such as lack of money, business failures, lower self-confidence, relationships and health issues exist due to disturbances at the energetic level.

Energy technique such as EFT Tapping helps to redirect the flow of energy by removing these disturbances. Your natural energy flows through the meridian points of the body. By tapping on the meridian points, it helps to clear out these barriers in a much more efficient and effective way. You instantly start to feel the release of heavy and sluggish energy.

But hold on, there is more…

Let’s not forget the cognitive clutter.

Repeating specific tapping sequences related to your issue in hand clears thecognitive clutter you’ve been hoarding for years – healing your mental capacity.

You get a sense of clarity.

Clarity works like magic when it comes to making personal choices and business decisions.

The most common reason you don’t get what you want is because of your clarity level. Mostly people know what they don’t want and continue focusing on that. The confusion and mixed messages to the universe will not fulfill your desire. When you get clear on what you want, things start showing up.

This is when the law of attraction starts to work for you because you are vibrating at the frequency of your desire.

This is when you are aligned with the flow. By clearing the mental and emotional clutter you connect more with your intuition – your spirit.

The essence of you – your intuition gives you the laser focus and clarity needed to make it happen. You resonate at a higher frequency tapped into your potential and creativity.


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