Tap Into Greatness!

Harness the power of your mental and emotional intelligence…

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. Our life events and past experiences from childhood and onwards can shatter confidence and success due to the programming of our unconscious mind.

You have the power to get your mind working for you even though the old programming might be working against you.

It’s totally safe to let go of unwanted emotional intensity that may feel like hard to shake, yet it’s hurting your life, relationships, health and business.

Perhaps you’re…

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed & on the brink of a burn out?

You DESERVE better.

Holding on to Past Failures and Resentments?

Time to let that sh*t go.

Unable to hit the finish line on projects?

 Get that sh*t DONE!

Fed up with money playing “hard to get” games with you?

Tap into your financial genius.

Sick and tired of feeling unworthy & powerless?

Reclaim your POWER back.

Feeling stuck in mundane autopilot mode?

There’s a way out.

Sabotaging habits & patterns OWN you?  

Kick’em to the curve…coz only YOU can!

I want you to know

You do NOT need to suffer through confidence issues to be successful in life & business

Your perfectionist does NOT need to run the show anymore to start exactly where you are

You do NOT need to say YES to #allthethings in order to feel worthy

You do NOT need 3 hours of mindset routine daily to get out of sabotaging habits & patterns

You do NOT need to be lost in distractions to stay focused and on track

In fact you do NOT need to be motivated by DOUBT and FEAR at all….

There is a better way!

Tap into Greatness Coaching offers mentorship, support and tools that are proven to get you out of your current landscape & create a more fulfilling, balanced and abundant life you desire.  You’ll be guided through proven processes to help you harness your mental and emotional intelligence.

As your coach, I’ll be using EFT Tapping, guided visualizations, meditations, inner child work and tools from my training as a Master Empowerment Coach to provide fast and efficient shifts.  The tools and techniques are customized to support individual needs because there isn’t one size fits all kind of solution.

EFT tapping is a proven technique that works with the Psychology of the mind while shifting energy from the meridian points.  It helps to rewire the neuro pathways in the brain by releasing the stressors and freeing you from a reactive mode. It’s not possible to make abundant decisions from a fight, flight or freeze mode. EFT is profound and freeing so you’re able to respond to life from a place of harmony vs constantly reacting.

I’m a level II practitioner and have been using this technique with my clients over the past 4 years. My clients have seen profound results working with me.

What People Are Saying…

Binu has helped make huge shifts in my energy levels and has helped me clear out some very significant blocks that have been deep rooted in my body and mind since my childhood. Binu is so compassionate and caring and takes time to really understand what you are experiencing and what you need to shift. She gently guides you to where you need to be and I can’t praise her work highly enough. I love the way that she connects with me and sometimes I don’t know who is speaking, me or Binu, it really does feel like something magic is happening. I have taken on 2 new perfect high level clients since I started working with Binu and I am so excited and positive for the year ahead. My energy is sky high and the world is my oyster. If you have the chance to work with Binu I would highly recommend you snap it up. She is someone very, very special who really does help you change your life.

Sarah Buchanan-Smith

As a personally grounded and emotionally strong individual, and a professionally focused coach, she helped me dig deeper into myself than ever before and pieces, hidden and unmended, started to fall into place. What an unforeseen unfolding of dots being connected occurred!– and miraculous healing began. We tapped until uncertainty was replaced with clarity, gratitude, and faith. My new outlook on life and business is a direct consequence of the work with Binu. It seems as if, no matter how far I get or where I am currently, Binu comes prepared with an endless source of tools and proven strategies for me and my growing business. Thank you, Binu, for the gifts and wisdom you have and share with the world.

Vesna Zuvic, Personal Empowerment Coach

“I used to be one of those gals that thought I could do it alone until I realized I couldn’t. 

There are always blocks that get in the way of our entrepreneurial progress and Binu is gifted in her ability to use EFT to clear them. The creativity has started to flow and as a result I’ve generated $4200 in only a few weeks of working with her. With her support and guidance I’m gaining more and more confidence in my business and as a result am becoming more visible online with clearer messaging and I’m super excited to be working toward my first group program launch. 

If you’re on the fence about investing in your business, yourself and a business mentor, hop off. Binu is brilliant!” 

Iris Sirianni – Relationship and Dating Coach

What you can expect to experience are the following shifts. A survey done by the International Coaching Federation, suggests a wide range of benefits through coaching. Such as:

  • Lower stress levels
  • More-balanced life
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Better goal setting
  • Enhanced self-discovery
  • Improved health or fitness level
  • Increased project completion
  • Better family relationships
  • Improved quality of life
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Better relationship with co-workers