What is Empowerment Coaching?

Are you wondering — what on earth is empowerment coaching?

Empowerment coaching, in my opinion is a holistic approach to drumming up solutions for all the crap life puts us through.

Empowerment coaching approach lasers in on deep rooted issues that create emotional imbalances. Your emotional state is fueling your choices in life. Everything from what you choose to eat, wear, sleep, do, act, to your performance, communications, and relationships all depend on one thing – your emotional state.

Who is an Empowerment Coach?

Empowerment coaches help clients move higher on The Empowerment Scale. I graduated as a certified Master Empowerment Coach from The S.W.A.T Institute, world’s PREMIER Personal Empowerment Coaching Certification School exclusively for women. Here, I studied the “Map of Consciousness” from a powerful book titled, “Power vs. Force” written by David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. Science has now discovered a scale to measure human emotions.

How can Empowerment Coaching help you?

Clear the muck and get unstuck

Life situations, people and events can through you in a landscape where you can’t seem to find solutions on your own. Empowerment coaching gives you perspective makeover by clearing the muck. It’s all about moving higher on The Empowerment Spectrum.

Lower emotional points such as shame, guilt, hatred, grief, fear and anger are at the bottom end of the scale.

Higher emotional points such as courage, willingness, acceptance, love, joy and peace are at the top end of the scale.

If you understand things better visually, like I do, then here is an example I’ve created using colors blue and red. This will help you understand the difference between higher and lower points of The Empowerment Spectrum.

Ownership, Courage, Acceptance, Willingness

Guilt, Victimhood, Fear, Anger

Which lenses do you prefer to view and create your life from?

The red lenses make your perception foggy – keeping you stuck, pointing fingers at someone or something outside of you.


I get it – life hasn’t been fair. It’s not your fault.

But, I’m going to be blunt here – you have to take the ownership and responsibility of making the necessary changes. The same patterns will continue to repeat until you decide to do something about it. The choice is yours – you have to be willing to see life from different lenses and let go of the crap that’s covering your perception.

An empowerment coach can help you understand your emotional state and navigate you up on the scale.

When you have perspective makeover and start to see life from blue lenses – you can see with much clarity to get what you want.

Another analogy that will help you understand The Empowerment Spectrum is the 30,000 feet view from a mountain top.

See life from 30,000 feet view

Imagine if you were standing at the bottom of a mountain looking around. You’ll only be able to see what’s in your view. Perhaps there are some trees, bushes, and people in your view.

Now imagine you’ve climbed 10,000 feet higher on the same mountain. You are able to see a lot more that wasn’t in your view before. Maybe now you can see some homes at a distance that you couldn’t see when you were at the bottom.

Now you climb 20,000 feet and you can see even more!

You notice a beautiful waterfall cascading down one side of the mountain. You notice a beautiful garden full of flowers on the other side. You didn’t know they existed because you couldn’t see them from the bottom of the mountain.

Finally, you climb 30,000 feet high, all the way to the top of the mountain.

WOW! Now you can see the majestic ocean! Your view is infinite without obstructions. You are blown away by the beauty that surrounds you.

You are amazed by the golden sun rays shimmering on top of the hills. You are astonished to see the number of small towns and farms that exist; some are close by and some are far at a distance. You watch a shepherd herding a flock of sheep.   The water fall looks far more beautiful and serene from where you are. There is so much more beauty you can immerse yourself in that you never knew existed from the bottom of the mountain.

Similarly, when you are at the bottom of the emotional scale you don’t see all of your choices with much clarity. Your view is obstructed by limiting beliefs. You stay stuck in the external reality and blame something or someone outside of you for the way your life turned out.

You experience lack of resources, universal support, life force energy and hold on to the fear of losing what you have. You are not in touch with your inner power, your own intuition, and keep waiting for someone to come rescue you.

Let me remind you that the only person that can rescue you, is YOU!
I’m aware that deep down at your core you know this.

As you move higher on the scale, your awareness expands. You become aware of choices that you never knew existed. You find courage to take action, to say ‘no’ to things that no longer serve you, and to stand in your inner truth. You become more willing to accept yourself and others.

Your inner intuition starts awakening and you trust that the universe is on your side.

Similar to the 30,000 feet view from a top of the mountain, you are aware of your many choices with your expansive awareness from the top of the empowerment scale.

You get in the flow of creativity bringing in your passion and accessing your full potential to create the life you love.

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