How to Skyrocket Your Business and Personal Success with EFT Tapping

Entrepreneurs consistently push themselves beyond comfort to invent, create and launch new businesses, products and services. But according to Bloomberg, 80% of new businesses crash and burn within the first 18 months.

If every entrepreneur starts with a big vision, ambitious goals and the dream of massive success, then why do we have this heartbreaking statistic?

The primary reason businesses fail is because they don’t generate enough cash flow. Often, this failure may not even be due to lack of strategy, but rather the inner barriers that can hold you back from implementing strategies for business and income growth.

At the conscious level, we all want to be successful. But 95% of the time the subconscious mind that is in charge.

It’s usually your past experiences or traumas that create fear, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, and limiting beliefs. This can cause self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns that stand in the way of your full creative potential, hence getting you out of business.

What can be done about this?

This is where a profound technique, EFT tapping, can bring astonishing results and change the game of your business success.

What exactly is EFT tapping?

EFT tapping combines the Western science of modern psychology and the Eastern concept of moving energy through the meridian pathways to provide relief from dense emotions such as anxiety, stress, overwhelm, anger, fear, frustration and so on.

When you experience these intense stressful emotions, your brain goes on alert. You enter into a fight, flight or freeze response, the body’s natural defense mechanism to protect you from any danger.

In the ancient days, stressors were produced by more of a physical threat to survival, such as outrunning or outfighting predators or enemies during war. In the modern days, however, most of the stressors are internal.

These fight, flight or freeze responses are meant to be short-lived and experienced only in extremely dangerous situations. However, in today’s world, we constantly live in a stressed out lifestyle. These unnecessary responses are becoming more common and giving birth to chronic problems.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle involves the pressure of deadlines, countless emails, social media posts, dealing with high traffic, never ending to-do list, family matters, global issues, etc.. I mean, seriously, the list goes on and this is just the day-to-day stuff!

High performance expectations in every facet of your life keep you in a fight, flight or freeze mode.  Which is bad, not only for your health, but for business growth!

For example, when your body is preparing for a fight, flight or freeze response your:

  • Cortisol & adrenaline starts pumping
  • Heart rate rises
  • Blood vessels dilate
  • Sugar levels rise
  • Breathing increases
  • Muscles become tense

Can you imagine having to make smart business decisions, right choices and keep your focus on tasks if your body is in a fight, flight, or freeze mode because it thinks you’re outrunning a tiger?

Clearly, those won’t be the best decisions you’ve ever make.  It’s almost like you’re reacting from a place of danger to protect yourself rather than “responding” to a situation from a neutral place.

I work with clients who:

  • Feel they have a huge message, but don’t write blogs or books because they are terribly afraid of what others might think.
  • Don’t record videos or do Facebook live streams because they feel they might freeze or mess up.
  • Buy into the “what if” scenarios due to fear of failure or success.
  • Keep hiding and playing small because of their fear of stepping into the spotlight and getting visible.
  • Keep waiting for everything to be absolutely perfect before growing, expanding, and up leveling.
  • Feel they simply “don’t know how” and stay stuck in the “how-to vortex.”
  • Stay distracted by meaningless tasks and activities which cause them to feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

Does any of that sound familiar? These reactions are due in part to negative past traumatic memories, events, situations or experiences.

In order to be successful, you must get visible and carry out activities that put you in front of your potential clients. Creating wealth means becoming whole with the mind, body, soul and money connection at the energetic and spiritual level so that you may sync with the (cash) flow.

So, how exactly does EFT tapping work?

EFT tapping is proven to clear the negative stressor emotions attached to traumas, old beliefs, fears, and self-sabotaging patterns.

EFT Tapping works in 2 powerful ways:

  1. It works with the psychology of the mind.  EFT Tapping acknowledges, accepts, and then works to release the root of the problem so that your subconscious feels “safe” to move forward. Then, new beliefs and positive affirmations may take hold.
  2. It works with the body’s energy system. EFT Tapping clears the heavy guck from your emotional and energetic system so you can make room for love, creativity, abundance, and for money to flow.

Scientific research has shown that stimulating your meridian points can drastically reduce the stress levels in your body. Physically tapping on these meridian endpoints with your finger tips helps to deactivate the amygdala’s (part of the brain) stress response and sends a calming response instead.

Once you’ve tapped, the brain recognizes that you are not threatened and releases you from the intensity of your emotions. This actually changes the neural pathways in your brain.

EFT tapping literally taps out the blocks from your mental, emotional and energetic space to align you with a higher vibration so you can manifest and carry on with money-making opportunities.

Many entrepreneurs, my clients and myself included, have discovered that applying this technique can change your business success in many profound ways. I’ve experienced huge success in my own entrepreneurial journey after implementing EFT Tapping – I left my corporate job to create a highly successful coaching business in less than two years.

Moreover, many of my clients have had profound instant and long-term relief from heavy emotional guck, releasing fear, anxiety, worry and doubt. It has helped them to step into a higher version of themselves who is more free, creative, productive and confident so they can create the life and business they love.

If you feel some of your inner barriers are holding you back from creating success in your life or business, I invite you to learn how we can work together! You can watch more free videos and read similar articles on this website.

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