Are you a big hearted, soulful and ambitious entrepreneur with a deep desire to …..

Create a meaningful business that provides TRANSFORMATION for your soulmate clients (let 5-6 figures follow while you focus on the impact)
Turn your passionate GIFTS AND TALENTS that light up your heart into premium products/programs so you can spread that sprinkle over the world (and receive lucrative pay-days with love)

Become the conscious mentor/leader you are meant to be for ELEVATION and ascension for you and the lives you touch (finally LIVE your purpose)

Implement a BUSINESS MODEL that brings freedom, harmony and balance in your life so you can run a business on YOUR terms (instead of being stuck in a boring 9-5 job)
Become emotionally intelligent, have UNSHAKABLE success mindset and optimize your energy to stay focused and get sh*t done! (Yeah baby!)
Manifest a life of creativity, purpose, joy and MONEY MIRACLES for long lasting fulfillment while making a HUGE impact in the world (win-win at every freaking level)

Despite your burning desires, dreams and a GRAND vision you’ve been feeling like:

You aren’t 100% sure of your money-making niche to MAGNETIZE your soul clients and are feeling disconnected with yourself, others and even your dream vision

You’re drowning with a gazillion options, yet not sure which strategy is in ALIGNMENT with your specific business plan to grow with ease, joy and fun

The unknown newbie in this gigantic “online vortex” wondering if you have something unique to STAND OUT so you’re stuck comparing yourself with others

You’re not generating 5-6 figures coz you believe you have to be absolutely perfect before putting your CREATIVITY out there in fear of others judgement

You’ve downloaded every freebie to implement the big secret and YouTubed endless how to videos yet your business GROWTH is slower than a sloth

You cringe asking for a SALE even though you’re brilliantly talented and gifted to provide game-changing TRANSFORMATION so you stay the best kept secret while others make shit load of money selling fluff

You’ve invested in expensive programs to grow your business yet you’ve dug even deeper into debt so you can’t TRUST yourself with you decision making process (failed to fund the new computer for your kid and the family vacay you promised)

You’re still STUCK in your boring 9-5, not sure if you can turn your PASSION into a full time gig so you’re on the brinks to BURN OUT putting in 80 hrs a week

There isn’t enough time, money, energy or something to make your dreams a reality, so you keep PROCRASTINATING only to beat up on yourself for not taking action (bottle of wine and Netflix binges don’t even numb it anymore)

You’re NOT getting enough clients. You DON’T feel fulfilled. You’re NOT making the money. You’re NOT living the life you hoped for. (feeling like a big failure)

You want to QUIT before you even give it a chance to flourish.


The same nudge that got you this far won’t let your quit either. It keeps telling you, “You didn’t come this far to QUIT”. You know YOU have this calling for a reason.
And whether you fully believe it or not, whether your current reality reflects that or not, deep down…

Babe, growing a thriving business isn’t easy, but you’re not alone…

Lots of people fail in the first five years (like… 8 out of 10!). Here’s the thing though…


YOU have it in you to make your calling BIGGER than your fears and doubts.  


I want you to flip the coin for a hot sec, look at it from a new perspective and ponder on this with me….
What if the OPPOSITE is possible?
What if all that you’ve experienced so far taught you exactly what you needed to learn for your soul’s evolution?
What if all these experiences have been prepping you to become the highest version possible to serve your clients?


Take a deep breath and really soak it in…. 


Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

Don’t let your failures define who you are. Nothing great was ever achieved without failing.

I believe being an entrepreneur isn’t just about business.

I believe failing isn’t just about failing.

It’s about your personal and spiritual evolution and that’s why you’ve chosen this path in this lifetime.

What if it was possible to get EVERYTHING you need to build and grow your business + transform your life in ONE place – a place that gives you endless tools, techniques and strategies?

A program that’ll help you discover your unique talents and gifts plus how you can turn those into profitable products to create 5-6 Figure business (finally LIVE and BREATH your freedom from an ocean front sitting in a hammock sipping your fav margarita, yeah baby you deserve it!)
How to target your niche market to stand out like an EXPERT in the busy “online vortex” and be the leader you’re born to be (OWN it babe!)
Get SUPER confident selling your products and services to TRIPLE and even QUADRUPLE your current income (cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching)
Set up systems and automate funnels to generate income around the clock to run your business on YOUR terms (so you can be present to cherish life’s BIG moments like watching your kid score that goal..proud mama!)
Bring LIFE into your message using content writing FORMULAS to save you hours of frustration and expensive copywriters you can’t afford (PS: Is this sales page speaking to you? I wrote it using my formulas you get to use in your content!)
Keep your emotions in check, energy in alignment and develop an unshakable mindset to stay focused and fast track your performance (instead of bottle of wine, potato chips and Netflix binges)
Deepen your intuition so you can TRUST yourself to make quick decisions (like most successful people do) instead of second guessing yourself and wasting valuable time (tick tock!)
Annnd…this is the best part, have it all organized and accessible at your fingertips in ONE place for an INCREDIBLY GENEROUS price that make your eyeballs pop with excitement and you can’t help but shout out loud….HELL$ YEEEE$!!

Your Ultimate Solution to Growing an Aligned Business that Brings Balance and Bliss Into Your Life!

Step-by-step, simplified, EASY to digest lessons for all aspects of your Business, Life and Spirituality (bring the whole essence of YOU into your business)

Proven strategies, formulas, processes, workbooks and checklists to build and maintain a SUSTAINABLE business that lights up your heart

Profound and easy to follow EFT videos to break through the barriers and develop UNSHAKABLE mindset to stay focused

Powerful Guided Visualizations and EFT meditations to tap into your BIG VISION and higher vibration to magnify your manifesting abilities

Bi-weekly OFFICE HOURS to get LIVE support from me in a private group setting

Private FB group with amazing, INSPIRED COMMUNITY of like minded souls on a similar journey (your tribe that has your back)

Plus, NEW LESSONS added regularly to give you state of the art training that keeps you up to date with the latest industry trends!

Hey there,

I’m Binu!  

I’ve been on a quest to find my own soul-aligned path for many years. Along my journey I’ve had many career before finally creating a successful business that fulfills me financially, spiritually and creatively. Now, I connect with fabulous souls around the world to share my tools, knowledge, strategies and intuition so they can create a business that matters to them. 

In my previous careers I’ve been a Police Officer, a Business Advisor managing multi-million dollar portfolios working with small business owners and a Territory Sales Rep for a Fortune 500 company. Since then, I’ve become a certified Master Empowerment Coach, A certified Angel Practitioner by Charles Virtue, Reiki Master and I keep my Level 2 EFT Tapping training fresh every year to bring cutting-edge energy modalities for my clients. 

This Academy is my gift to you.

My mission is to support souls as they embody their special gifts and share their creative work with the world. Our world needs your special gifts, your creativity, your vision and your persuasive message – I’m here to support you every step of the way.

A lot of the programs out there offer strategy alone, but if your emotions are out of whack, your mindset off track, and your energy is depleted, you can’t implement strategy. You have to bring your mind, soul and body into this work in order to implement strategy.

I’ve created this Academy to provide all of that support because you need both inner and outer solutions. PLUS, I’ve made it extremely affordable so you don’t have to make coaching payments that are bigger than your mortgage (like I had to!) so you can focus on building and growing your business with ease, joy and fun! <3

What you’ll learn as a Blissful Business Academy member?

  • Discover Your unique Gift, Talents and Secret Sauce
  • Top Money-making Niche Markets in the Coaching Industry
  • Discover Your Money Making Niche that’s Aligned with Your Mission
  • Successful Sales Funnel to Magnetize Your Soulmate Clients
  • How to Create Lead Magnets to Explode Your List and Double Your Sales
  • Setting up trip wires and funnels on automation to make money while you sleep
  • How to grow your Biz optimizing platforms such as Pinterest, YouTube, IG and FB (guest expert training)
  • 11 Ways to Promote Your Lead Magnets and Paid Offers
  • 5 Strategies to Get Visible and Attract Dream Clients even Without a Big List
  • Crafting Your Purpose Driven Pitch to Sell Out Your Products
  • How to Write Compelling Content that Connects and Converts + My EXACT Formulas
  • How to Repurpose Your Content to Magnetize Dream Clients from Various Platforms with Ease
  • 10 Steps to Lead Your Sales Calls with Super Confidence
  • How to Handle Objections with Integrity to Enroll Clients on the Spot
  • And more!
  • Daily Mindset Habits and Success Practices for Massive Growth
  • How to Get Your Unconscious Mind Working For You
  • How to overcome Resistance in Your Business and Life + EFT Tapping to Clear Resistance
  • 3 Simple Ways to Overcome Self-doubt and Tap into Confidence + EFT Tapping Video
  • How to Heal the Perfectionist Persona + EFT Tapping Video
  • How to Overcome the Fear of Success + EFT tapping for Massive Growth
  • How to Make Decisions Like a Successful Entrepreneur + Clear Indecision with EFT Tapping
  • Clear Overwhelm and Stress with EFT Tapping
  • Overcoming Fear of Judgement + EFT Tapping to Clear it
  • And more!
  • Daily Mindset Habits and Success Practices for Massive Growth
  • How to Get Your Unconscious Mind Working For You
  • How to overcome Resistance in Your Business and Life + EFT Tapping to Clear Resistance
  • 3 Simple Ways to Overcome Self-doubt and Tap into Confidence + EFT Tapping Video
  • How to Heal the Perfectionist Persona + EFT Tapping Video
  • How to Overcome the Fear of Success + EFT tapping for Massive Growth
  • How to Make Decisions Like a Successful Entrepreneur + Clear Indecision with EFT Tapping
  • Clear Overwhelm and Stress with EFT Tapping
  • Overcoming Fear of Judgement + EFT Tapping to Clear it
  • And more!
  • Root Chakra Grounding
  • Sacral Chakra Balancing
  • Solar Plexus Alignment
  • Harmonize the Heart Chakra
  • Throat Chakra Healing
  • Third Eye Activation
  • Crown Chakra Activation
  • Activate Money Flow EFT Meditation with Theta Music
  • Worthiness EFT Meditation with Theta Music


…And much more!

What People Are Saying…

Let’s get real – to grow a sustainable business, you need…

A SOLID PLAN that’s aligned with your unique vision to establish a stand out brand.

Proven strategies, formulas, practical tips, checklists, tools to play with rather than “one size fits all” kind of a solution.

Ample time to create and IMPLEMENT your ideas so don’t fall for the 8 weeks or the 90 days trap.

Support to run your thoughts and ideas by a heart-driven coach who’s travelled the exact path you’re traveling.

Incredibly supportive community who gets you even when your family doesn’t.

Laser focus to stay on track coz it’s so easy to get off the wagon and be lost in the “online vortex”.

Motivation to keep you going, even when the going gets tough.

Keep your emotions and energy in check coz you’re a human not a machine.

Give some wiggle room for unpredictable life events as we all know sh*t freaking happens.

And most importantly a plan that doesn’t cost you YOUR peace of mind and sleep at night so you can..


Build and grow your business with ease, joy and inspiration.
Share your creative work and gifts with the world.
And finally LIVE your dreams and HONOUR your calling!

Binu has helped make huge shifts in my energy levels and has helped me clear out some very significant blocks that have been deep rooted in my body and mind since my childhood. Binu is so compassionate and caring and takes time to really understand what you are experiencing and what you need to shift. She gently guides you to where you need to be and I can’t praise her work highly enough. I love the way that she connects with me and sometimes I don’t know who is speaking, me or Binu, it really does feel like something magic is happening. I have taken on 2 new perfect high level clients since I started working with Binu and I am so excited and positive for the year ahead. My energy is sky high and the world is my oyster. If you have the chance to work with Binu I would highly recommend you snap it up. She is someone very, very special who really does help you change your life. Sarah Buchanan-Smith

As a personally grounded and emotionally strong individual, and a professionally focused coach, she helped me dig deeper into myself than ever before and pieces, hidden and unmended, started to fall into place. What an unforeseen unfolding of dots being connected occurred!– and miraculous healing began. We tapped until uncertainty was replaced with clarity, gratitude, and faith. My new outlook on life and business is a direct consequence of the work with Binu. It seems as if, no matter how far I get or where I am currently, Binu comes prepared with an endless source of tools and proven strategies for me and my growing business. Thank you, Binu, for the gifts and wisdom you have and share with the world. Vesna Zuvic, Personal Empowerment Coach

“I used to be one of those gals that thought I could do it alone until I realized I couldn’t. 

There are always blocks that get in the way of our entrepreneurial progress and Binu is gifted in her ability to use EFT to clear them. The creativity has started to flow and as a result I’ve generated $4200 in only a few weeks of working with her. With her support and guidance I’m gaining more and more confidence in my business and as a result am becoming more visible online with clearer messaging and I’m super excited to be working toward my first group program launch. 

If you’re on the fence about investing in your business, yourself and a business mentor, hop off. Binu is brilliant!” 

Iris Sirianni – Relationship and Dating Coach

Are You Ready For The Academy?

What I Can’t Promise

A quick get rich scheme and promise success over night because you have to be willing to do the work and implement strategies (I can’t do that for you)
Exact same results my previous clients may have received because it depends on how you digest information and apply it to your life and business
How you show up in the program to get optimal results (’cause I can’t literally grab you by the ear and make you join our calls, watch the videos and implement the strategies) you have to be willing to do that at your end

What I Can Promise

To give you all that I know and have learned from my life and business experiences (real, raw and authentic stuff)
Give you proven strategies, easy to digest lessons that have worked in the past once implemented correctly
Powerful energy modalities for fast efficient shifts like EFT tapping and guided visualizations that work with your unconscious programming
Show up 1000% during office hours for live coaching and feedback
Give you access to all the programs, workbooks, videos, audios that I’ve created specifically for this Academy
Be present in our FB community to answer your questions and keep you motivated
Continue to add more and more courses for your ongoing learning and growth

What You Get In The Academy

Powerful business training to assist you build and grow your business with ease, joy and fun. All the training lessons are step-by-step, broken down into digestible chunks for easy implementation.

As you build and grow your business you’re bound to face challenges.  This training is to support your unshakable mindset, incorporate success habits, develop emotional intelligence, and master time management so you can stay focused to get shit done. Period.

Powerful tools, techniques and meditations to support your spiritual evolution so you can step into the highest version to share your creative work with the world. Learn to tap into your own intuition so you can trust yourself with your decisions as you grow your business.

Take A Sneak Peek At The Academy Member’s Area

You Have Two Choices

Either You Can…

Do what’s been real easy in the past, like, NOT do a thing when an opportunity like this knocks on the door.  F*ck up your plans by vicious cycle of self-sabotage and let the “cycle” win AGAIN.

Buy into the fears because other programs or coaches may have failed you and it’s much easier to blame them, blame the economy, blame money, and blame everything else outside of you instead of taking on the responsibility like a badass Goddess version of you who has the answers.

Feel helpless with your money story to say one more time “I can’t afford it” even when this program is crazy..I mean insanely generous.

Or You Can…

Say YES to your calling, your dream, your life and make an empowered decision to take that leap of faith.  Make a game-changing choice to break the f*cking bullshit patterns and behaviours that have held you hostage.

Right now, in this moment..(no more excuses and no more waiting game)




WHY Choose Blissful Business Academy?

This Academy is totally a unique model than other programs out there. 

This is a learning platform that gives you space to create with joy and fun, a space where you get to take it at your own pace. 

Take some time off to reflect if needed, listen to meditations, do some EFT tapping videos to invite new awareness and energy. 

Get on it daily if you’re a go getter.  Work through this weekly outside your day job.


Our LIVE office hours gets you coaching and feedback for a clear direction, those sales page tweaks or marketing funnels (whatever you need).

Our team is here to support you and inspire you every step of the way.  You learn from other like minded souls in this inspired community.

This is much more than a learning platform, this becomes your life style.  We become more than a family of inspired entrepreneurs.

 And the best part…

It’s only a fraction of what other programs and coaches are charging for a lot less training and support.

Savings of thousands of dollars and you get much more from the Academy.


Who Do We Help?


Who is this Academy for?
This Academy is for heart-centered entrepreneurs such as coaches (life, health, relationship, business and so on), Virtual Assistants, Designers, Creatives, Healers, Energy Workers, Photographers and much more.
When will I get access to the program?
Once you sign up, you’ll get an email with login ID immediately. However, sometimes it can take between 15-20 minutes to reach your inbox.  You have access to entire program right away. How exciting!!!
How long will I have access to the course materials?
As long as you are a member of the Blissful Business Academy you have access to the course materials.
Does the membership last until the end of calendar year?
Your year starts when you sign up.  For example, if you sign up in June 2018 then your year ends in June 2019. 
What type of support will I get?
You’ll get weekly support alternating between training sessions and OFFICE HOURS with Binu. This is where you can ask questions, get coaching and feedback, and connect with other members of the Academy for your growth and support.
This seems too good to be true? Why aren't you charging thousands of dollars for the Academy?
Babe, this is my gift to you.  I made this such an affordable deal so you can build and grow your business with ease rather than freaked out about making your coaching payments.  You are more than just a dollar sign. I’ve poured my heart and life’s work into this Academy.  It lights up my heart to watch lots of people use this game-changing work than to sky-rocket my prices to make it available for only a few who can afford it.  My mission is to support as many people to bring their creative work in the world for a positive change.  This is my generous contribution to the world. Namaste!
Can I still join the Academy even if I don't have a business?
Abso-freakin-lutely. This Academy offers a variety of courses to support your personal and spiritual development.  If your goal is to free yourself from the inner limits and access more potential that lies within, then this is for you.  These will help you become more joyous, productive, creative, and successful in life.
This is awesome but I don't have enough time.
I totally get you’re busy.  That’s why this program lessons are broken down step-by-step.  Very digestible and super easy. Some of the lessons are specifically designed to help you manage your time so you can become more productive and efficient.
Are men allowed to access the Academy?
Yes, of course! If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur and this program is speaking to you then we’d love to have you on board.
What is your cancellation policy?
This is a very generous and affordable offer and we hope you stay with us long-term.  However, if you wish to cancel, you may do so after 3 months of signing up. You can send us a request to to process your cancellation.  
Can I Get A Refund?
Due to the digital nature of this program, there are NO refunds for the Academy – Your purchase is final. Also, by signing up for the Academy you’re expected to abide by the community rules to show up with full responsibility and a positive attitude.  Any inappropriate behavior or negative comments will not be tolerated and you’ll be removed from the Academy.