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Are You a Conscious Entrepreneur?

Conscious Entrepreneurs are people who are aware and want to make a difference in the world. They are curious and eager to expand beyond the comfort zone. They “see” what change this world needs and they become the “change they want to see in the world.” They are genuinely concerned about the greater good of all. They have compassion in their hearts & they lead with purpose.

Here are 21 traits of Conscious Entrepreneurs

Leaders who….

  1. Give credit rather than take credit.
  2. Believe in collaboration over competition.
  3. Have Passion, Purpose & Meaning in their work.
  4. Lead the team with a common vision & bring out the best in people.
  5. Believe the risk of staying in a limited paradigm is much greater than playing in the “unknown zone”.
  6. Have genuine care for people, planet and for the greater good of all.
  7. Have enormous determination, focus and resilience.
  8. Find courage to stand for their truth.
  9. Are willing to be wrong, imperfect & make mistakes.
  10. Understand the Power of Vulnerability.
  11. Communicate assertively from a place of neutrality.
  12. Promote diversity & value the beauty of differences.
  13. Don’t take things personally.
  14. Take feedback as a constructive tool to grow.
  15. Take action for their personal development, learning and expansion.
  16. Don’t waste time in “drama” or any other energy zappers to stay in High Vibe.
  17. Don’t dilly dally making decisions.
  18. Touch lives every chance they get.
  19. Learn from their triggers & embrace change.
  20. Don’t wait for opportunities rather they create opportunities.
  21. Who are connected with the source & stay humbled.

If you are a Conscious Entrepreneur, I invite you to join the community of Female Conscious Entrepreneurs. Together we inspire, encourage, support and BE the cutting edge of positive change! <3

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