Do excuses get in the way of your success?

In order create a sustainable business you have to look for excuses that work FOR you not against you.

Here are top 7 excuses you need to ditch so you can focus on money making activities and keep your head in the game to reach new levels of success.

  1. I’m not ready yetIf you think that you are not ready to start making money and you are waiting for the perfect time or opportunity for starting, then you need to take into consideration that the business doesn’t wait! I invite you to start with what you know. There will always be pieces of the puzzle missing so you go with “good enough” mindset to complete the puzzle. You are ready now, not tomorrow, not later.
  2. I don’t have enough time
    Are you busy all the time? Do you think that there is not enough time for you to create a successful business?If you think about it everyone has 24 hours per day, so how come some people are very successful while others don’t even have time to have proper lunch? This is because they’ve learned to value their time, they make daily agenda and know exactly what to do each day, and everything goes by a plan for them. They know how to spend their time wisely.If you are preoccupied with many things and your energy is split in too many projects and activities, stop for a moment and decide what is more important to you and direct the energy towards that. Re-evaluate and have the “horse with blinders” focus, meaning that you get one thing done at a time!
  3. There is too much drama in my life
    Don’t waste your time on drama, because if you are looking for it, you will definitely find people who will entertain you with their drama for free. Or it seems that way anyway but it ends up costing you time and energy.  Make some boundaries with people and situations that create drama! Spend your energy wisely and do not spend it on those things or people that are just wasting it.
  4. I don’t know the how
    Everyone at the beginning doesn’t exactly know how to create a successful business.  The process is different for everyone, there is not really a blue print especially when you are creating something never been created before.Just listen to your inner voice and you will get the needed answers. Leave the “how” to the universe since you are co-creating with it.  Even when you have achieved your goal, don’t stop, continue taking inspired action steps and a new path will continue to open up right in front of you.
  5. Life gets in the way
    Life will definitely continue by its way, it’s your choice if you want to spend it on the activities and people that really matter or just waste it. Keep the focus on the important things to reach new levels of success. Life will bring you a lot of obstacles and prevent you in achieving your goals and dreams, but this doesn’t mean that you have to stop and give up from the first time you experience some difficulty.
  6. I don’t have the right support
    This is also a mindset shift.  In the very early stages of my business I used to think I don’t have the right support.  It turns out that I was actually not open to hiring support because of fear.  I was afraid I couldn’t trust others to do the tasks as good as I could.  I didn’t think I needed help because I was stuck in DIY mentality.If you open up to new possibilities there is tons of support available.  You have to become available to receive it. Don’t say to yourself that you don’t have the right team, or that your family is not on board, or that you don’t have enough to make investments in the needed systems and tools, everything is a game of the mindset. These are all just fear based excuses.  If you believe in your dreams then things will happen sooner than you expected.
  7. I’m not tech savvy
    You don’t need to know all the tech stuff in order to be successful, you just need to find the right people and work with them. Not being tech savvy was my biggest excuse.  I spent countless hours behind the screen watching “how to” YouTube videos trying to master the tech.  Don’t’ get me wrong I learned a lot in the past two years but still not enough to run a smooth operation of my business.  Plus tech isn’t my “zone of genius” I don’t even enjoy it. So, I realized I don’t have to learn everything.  I can always hire support to run a smooth business.  Again, it’s one of the excuses I had to get past. I invite you to look at your own mindset around this excuse.  If it’s hindering your growth then it’s time to kick it to the curve and open up to new possibilities.

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