3 Steps to Master Your Mental Resilience

When I first launched my business I didn’t realize how important it was to keep my head in the game. Running the show as a solopreneur, wearing 55 different hats, working crazy hours and not knowing where my next client was going to come from brought a lot of chaos and fear to my life.

At times, I would fall into a downward spiral, doubting myself and wanting to quit. One thing was for sure, though, I’m not a quitter.

For example, in my early 20s I faced the challenge of trying to get into the police academy. I passed all levels of the required physical fitness test, but I couldn’t run for even 5 minutes without getting out breath—let alone run for miles and miles to pass the entry test.

But getting into the police academy was something that I deeply desired, so I wasn’t going to give up. I hired a personal trainer who gave me a hard-core program to enhance my cardio. I followed that program for every single freakin’ day for 30 days and, before I knew it, I was running.

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I’m not afraid to ask for help, and I’ve got the mindset to implement the heck out of something until I get my desired outcome.

Now, 2 years into my business, I must say, I show up every single day with my bad-ass entrepreneurial mindset to get shit done!

Here are 3 steps I use every day to master my mental resilience:

1. Make the most out of every single challenge

The entrepreneurial journey, or life in general, gives you obstacles and challenges. Instead of feeling like life is happening TO you, start believing it’s happening FOR you.

Trust that universe is conspiring to bring the greatest good for you. Even those events and situations that may seem like a total disaster and full of misery are often times filled with golden nuggets. They might be EXACTLY the things you needed to bring you to the fullest expression of who you are.

When you start believing that everything is happening FOR you, you’ll train your mind to make the most out of every FREAKIN’ single situation. If you have the belief that everything is happening TO you, you stay stuck in victimhood.

Instead of just pointing fingers at someone else or at yourself, take ownership and focus on finding a solution. Every problem has a solution, but like Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Rise above the drama or challenge and seek answers.

2. Consciously alter your inner dialogue to work for you

A human mind thinks over 80,000 thoughts a day (let that sink in). When you think a thought over and over again, it changes neuro-pathways in your mind and becomes your belief. You take action based on your beliefs.

Become conscious of your inner dialogue.  What do you think, ask or tell yourself every single day?

I hear a lot of my clients say “I don’t know.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m super guilty of using this myself in the past. But if you keep telling yourself you “don’t know” then you won’t get the answers you are looking for. You’ll keep yourself stuck in a reality that isn’t in alignment with your desired outcome.  If you keep telling yourself that you don’t know where or how to find clients, would you be surprised if you really can’t find them? It doesn’t surprise me!

If you catch yourself thinking this, I invite you to change your thought to something like “I do have the answers and I’m working on looking for a solution.”

Another inner dialogue that keeps entrepreneurs in procrastination is the “should” factor. If you ask yourself if you “should” do something, you’re going to get a wishy-washy answer from within. But when you ask more specific questions, such as “Do I go with X, Y or Z?”, your intuition will tell you which option feels right, and you are on to a good start.

Be conscious of your inner dialogue, interrupt it when you catch yourself saying something out of alignment and consciously change it.

3. Have a mental focus ritual every single day

Most entrepreneurs have very active minds, wouldn’t you say? We can hardly pin down one idea before the next three come barreling through. And before we know it, we’ve got one hundred ideas scribbled out over the course of a day.

What would happen if you focused all that mind power and activity?

Instead of letting all of your ideas rattle around in your head, I invite you to start your day with a brain-dump. Everything that’s taking up space in your brain goes onto a piece of paper. This clears so much clutter and allows you to truly focus on what’s important.

Exercise, meditation, yoga, music, dancing or simply sitting and exploring “the nothing box” are all great ways to enhance your mental focus. Give yourself a daily activity where you’re fully in the moment and giving your mind a break. I go for 1 hour of Taekwon-do per week. My mind has absolutely no time to wander during that rigorous training. Sometimes I go for a swim, group class or blast my favorite music while driving.

Whatever activity or mindset ritual enhances your focus; relentlessly practice it every single day.

These are my top 3 steps to stay focused and keep my mind and energy optimized to create success in my life and business.

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